Beyond Cookies

The Ark Bakery & Café exists to raise awareness of human trafficking and to generate funds for ongoing anti-trafficking initiatives.  All proceeds from product sales (after operating expenses are deducted) are used to combat trafficking. Ultimately, The Ark plans to hire those exiting the sex industry and offer training in bakery/culinary arts and small business management.

By purchasing bakery items from The Ark, you will combat trafficking in tangible ways and help make every crumb count!

NOTE:  We are back in action!  You can order by texting or calling (832)742-1247.

Bakery Offerings

The Ark Bakery & Café is also pleased to announce the following additional items for sale exclusively for local customers:

  • Various flavors of pound cake and quick breads (blueberry citrus, pumpkin date,  cranberry orange, and coconut carrot snacking cake loaf, for starters!)
  • Specialty bundt cakes with Amaretto or Grand Citron liqueur
  • Blueberry cornmeal muffins and wholegrain harvest breakfast muffins
  • Wild blueberry streusel coffee cake
  • Cheesecakes galore (custom flavors, including fruit-based, chocolate Kahlua, or caramel toffee)
  • Cherry white chocolate scones
  • Sourdough bread, multiple variations
  • 10-grain, black rye, French walnut, and challah loaves
  • Maple rum cakes
  • Pistachio cardamom cakes

What does a loaf of bread have to do with treasures?  Bread is an ordinary food — in fact, a daily form of sustenance in our house.   I have baked bread since I arrived home from a year in Germany prior to getting married.  I considered baking bread to be a normal part of everyday life.

Our children also considered it ordinary.  In fact, sometimes one of them would trade his lunch for coveted processed food in a classmate’s lunchbox.  It took some time for our kids to figure out  why their classmates were so eager to trade soggy sandwiches and packaged cookies for my children’s homemade items.  

Who are these people anyway?

Triple-Duty Food

Coming soon: We are about to offer main dish items that do triple duty, as they can be served for brunch, lunch, or dinner (BLD)! Depending on your preference or need, you can adjust your side dishes accordingly. Here are some of our current options: vegetarian stuffed manicotti, vegetarian lasagne with tomato cream sauce, Mediterranean chicken phyllo, bourbon barbequed meatballs, green chile chicken enchiladas, and various quiches. NOTE: To inquire, just e-mail, call, or text us, as we may not have everything in stock at a given moment. That is why our triple-duty BLD food items are not yet listed on our order page.

Cookies can be ordered and shipped to customers in the continental 48 states. To place your cookie shipment, click on the Order tab above. Can’t live without cookies? Cookie subscription plans are now available under the Order tab as well!

For local orders (in the Kingwood, TX. area), contact us via e-mail at info@thearkbakerycafe.org, or text/call us at (832) 742-1247.

Either way, with your purchase of items from The Ark, you will help make every crumb count!

The Ark Bakery & Café has non-profit status under Boundless Mercy, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

EIN #83-0803649

info@thearkbakerycafe.org (832)742-1247


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